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sTabLauncher allows you to launch your software and links with ease
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sTabLauncher is an application launcher tool developed by Sergio Santos. If you are the kind of Windows user that needs to have your quick launch full of shortcuts, then this application will make your world a whole lot easier. Instead of grouping all your shortcuts on the tray bar, you can use sTabLauncher. This program uses very little resources and can run on the background of the desktop. Once you need to launch something, you just move the mouse to its location and the application will appear. sTabLauncher are just simple Tabs with shortcuts on it. However, these are highly configurable, as you can add easily any object and any kind of tab. This is highly useful as your programs can be organized in their respective tab. You can change the color of each tab, add animations and images, change the transparency, etc. This tool is useful and highly customizable. sTabLauncher is one of those applications that once you use them you can't imagine how your life worked without them. Highly recommendable.

Ismael Mireles
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